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PRAISE for NANCY'S WORK with adults and children......."My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Coach Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.   "Everyone should do this! I wish they taught this in schools." Chris, on Kids LEAD summer class.  "They loved this, and were GUSHING about how much fun they had!" Suzie, on Kids LEAD summer class. "What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing" Linda O.  

    With a deep passion for serving children, teens and adults, Nancy has spent thirty years in the healing arts. In the hospital setting, residential treatment setting and education, her work has always been about supporting others to do and be what they dream of.  

    A Certified EFLC Practitioner and graduate of the Academy of Coaching with Horses, she offers the wisdom of her years in human services, horse rescues & therapeutic horsemanship to those wanting to enter a transformative journey of self discovery and deepening connection with self and others.

    Nancy holds degrees in psychology and education and is known for her keen insights and ability to sense what is needed.  She recently completed training in the HEAL model and use of the '6 Keys to Relationship'. For a free 10 minute phone consultation, send a request to


Nancy Engebretson Certified EFLC Practitioner 


Linda Olson,

Equine Specialist

What is an EQuus Rising Coach?

A coach is trained to facilitate an experience in a specific way. The technique is designed to coach you as you find your own answers.  Only by accessing your own wisdom will you see what is best for you.  No one else can tell you what you, your body and spirit already know.  Having 'helpers' in the form of a human coach and a horse, is one of the quickest ways to access your intuitive wisdom.  In the private reflective area at the ranch, you are simply encouraged to 'Be' your true and authentic self and see what messages are there for you.  The horses and I await you.