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PRAISE for NANCY'S WORK with adults and children......."My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Coach Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.   "Everyone should do this! I wish they taught this in schools." Chris, on Kids LEAD summer class.  "They loved this, and were GUSHING about how much fun they had!" Suzie, on Kids LEAD summer class. "What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing" Linda O.  


We naturally know how to make heart connections!  

Our heart fields are much, much larger than the human heart field. From far away we know what you feel and will share this with you, without judgement.  It is completely natural to us because our very survival depends upon our ability to accurately 'read' the environment around us. This ability, along with our desire to be in a herd makes us exquisite teachers and guides for you humans. We will show you how to tune your 'receiver' too. Come play with us!