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PRAISE for NANCY'S WORK with adults and children......."My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Coach Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.   "Everyone should do this! I wish they taught this in schools." Chris, on Kids LEAD summer class.  "They loved this, and were GUSHING about how much fun they had!" Suzie, on Kids LEAD summer class. "What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing" Linda O.  


Women Who Howl with Wolves

"A great vision is needed and the [one] who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky"

                                                         Crazy Horse, Ogala Lakota  


Releasing your Authentic Voice goes hand in hand with Reclaiming Personal Power.  In this program we address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of personal power and authenticity.  Authentic You has the answers.

Group or Individual Sessions




Our EQuus Rising humans have a great vision. We are dedicated to the honoring of and respectful treatment of equines and all animals, human and four legged. We know that the incorporation of horses in our play and work creates an atmosphere of connection, love and openess to miraculous possibilties.


People are saying.....

"I was at a crossroad in my career/life and Nancy's coaching provided me with the courage and impetus to make a life-changing decision.  I also gained a new respect and relationship with my horse, based on mutual trust and authenticity. What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing."

Linda Olson, MS. Owner, Equusoul


"Nancy facilitated a safe place for me to explore things about myself. I came to a deeper awareness of my strengths while working with the horse as guide.  My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.


"My private session with Nancy was very revealing and I learned that what the horse was doing in reaction to me is what people do in reaction to me." L.P.



Nancy Engebretson, Director


Teacher and Educator

There is a theory that says what you did as a child is what your true calling is. Since her elementary school years Nancy has been teaching imaginary and real students.  With a degree in K-12 education she has taught children and adults in the performing arts.  A singer, actor and director of 30 plus years, Nancy values her former teachers more than ever and imparts her love of learning and experiencing to all of her students and clients.  Nancy advocates experiential education as the most powerful mode of learning and it is the basis of the activities and work at WILD HEARTS RANCH.



In coaching Nancy creates the safe space for exploring and finding the gems of truth that each client already possesses.  With horses as guides, a coaching session can unearth your treasured authentic self, making way for potent physical, emotional and spiritual results.  Nancy's intuitive and empathic skills will help you with the challenges you are experiencing and the guidance you are seeking.  Horse guided sessions do not require any previous experience with horses and there is no riding involved.  Coaching with horses addresses chronic pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain and more.


Medicine Horse Healer

The Medicine Horse carries the healing medicine, the wisdom which humans need to walk the path of balance.  In natural alignment with Mother Earth, horses are the master teachers for a human race in great need of equine healing energy.  Nancy has humbly taken up the mantle to share the depths of the equine essence with those who recognize it.  Modalities in Medicine Horse sessions may include chakra balancing, toning, and other intuitive techniques.


The Herd

Our human herd (volunteers, horse handlers, facilitators) is comprised of compassionate professionals whose training includes 'Coaching with Horses'; PATH Equine Specialist; Mounted Search and Rescue; Counseling and Education.  Additionally, they are trained in CPR and 'Darkness to Light'.



We believe that through education all things are possible.  

We listen to our bodies as they speak their minds.  

We know that closeness to nature is closeness to our highest self.

We are committed to ongoing personal and professional growth.