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PRAISE for NANCY'S WORK with adults and children......."My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Coach Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.   "Everyone should do this! I wish they taught this in schools." Chris, on Kids LEAD summer class.  "They loved this, and were GUSHING about how much fun they had!" Suzie, on Kids LEAD summer class. "What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing" Linda O.  

Equine Exeriential Education

Experiential Education is, simply, learning by doing. It is a valuable alternative to traditional education and the 'hands on' nature of it is priceless for those who desire or require a different way of learning and being.  The incorporation of horses in learning magnifies the learning exponentially.


The vision at EQuus Rising includes restoring the balance of intellectual, physical, emotional and intuitive capabilities.


Clients are engaged socially, emotionally, intellectually, soulfully and physically, which creates an authentic experience.


Experiential learning occurs through experiences that are supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis.


The results are personal and form the basis for future experience and learning.







Traditional and Non-Traditional students benefit from experiential learning. When the focus is on the process, students are free to learn from their choices and receive immediate, non-judgemental feedback.  "Learners are engaged socially, emotionally, intellectually, soulfully and/or physically with results that are personal and form the basis for future experience and learning".

From the principles of the

Association for Experiential Learning.




Leadership Education and Development

Individual or Group


The LEAD program offers nature, horse and art activities for positive self-image, leadership skills development and self knowledge.  Participants receive support in the experiential learning process of structured activities and games around topics like respect, communication, leadership, trust, challenges, confidence, self-regulation and relaxation.




Individual or Group


Ground Horsemanship (non-riding) offers the opportunity to develop a relationship with a furry four-legged.  Activities include observing, grooming, leading, horse painting and more.  




Just 10 miles from the Redmond, OR, airport, Wild Hearts Ranch is located on 20 acres of secluded and serene Old Growth Juniper Forest.  The facility has a large meeting room for up to 25 people.  The round pen is located at the center of the property and provides a beautiful and private setting for reflective sessions.  Brilliant mountain blue birds, owls, bunnies, jack rabbits, deer and many other birds and critters call WHR home.  



EQuus RISING.  What does it mean?


EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence, similar to IQ.  The importance of emotional intelligence cannot be overstated. Although 95% of communication is non-verbal, our cultural focus is on the verbal. Since we are communicating so much more via the nonverbal it makes a lot of sense to develop our non-verbal 'listening' skills.  


Those who have emotional awareness and have learned emotional agility function much more effectively than those who have not.  To live without creating emotional havoc is to lead a balanced life by humans who learn and practice balance between their intellect and emotional intelligence.  


I have combined EQ with equus to signify the rising of both horse awareness and emotional awareness.  Horses are the masters of teaching lessons in emotions.  They are participating in helping and healing humans all over the planet.  It is therefore of utmost importance that humans help horses in return.  No longer shall equines be seen and treated as objects for our use and abuse.They are sentient beings who bring grace and beauty and loving connection to the humans they live with.  EQuus RISING pledges to protect, honor, love and respect horses and all living beings and to share and educate with these principles whenever and wherever possible.


May Horse be with You.