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PRAISE for NANCY'S WORK with adults and children......."My experience was powerful, emotional and unforgettable. I highly recommend working with Coach Nancy for people who are ready for deeper self growth!"  Anna T.   "Everyone should do this! I wish they taught this in schools." Chris, on Kids LEAD summer class.  "They loved this, and were GUSHING about how much fun they had!" Suzie, on Kids LEAD summer class. "What I learned in the horse guided session is amazing" Linda O.  


Opportunities for ADULTS

Please contact us for specific details.



~LEAD Playshops~

Leadership Education and Development

Group or Individual. Perfect for a work team, service club or individual leadership development.  From $75




A Wildhearts Ranch Retreat

is replenishing and rejuvenating!

Whole or Half Day, designed with Your

Heart's Desire in mind.  

Overnight accomodation at nearby resort

or on property. From $295




Emotional Intelligence Training

Group or Individual

Active learning to sharpen listening and

communication skills. 4 Sessions.




A personal session to discover your Heart's Desire,

your Authentic Voice, Gateways to Creativity and Pathways to Self Empowerment. Please read more below for Signs of Loss of Personal Power.

From $75




Signs of Loss of Personal Power**


*Feeling stuck

*Feeling a strong need to control


*Lack of motivation

*Life feels meaningless


*Lack of close relationship(s)


*Physical Pain, ongoing with no known cause

*Feeling victimized

*Medical Issues

*Putting others first, lack of self care


*Overly competitive





In and of themselves, feeling any of the above can be quite natural in a given situation.  Ongoing or unexplained feelings may signal a need to take action. Please email us with any questions you have.

**By Nancy Engebretson